Larga Vida al RAEE’s

La Economía Circular es la base de un nuevo modelo económico, social e sostenible, capaz de generar riqueza e bienestar social. El dia 23 de febrero de 2017, en el marco del proyecto WEEELabs participaremos en el foro “Larga vida al RAEE’s” para explorar las oportunidades da economia circular en la reutilización de residuos de aparatos […]

WEEEs: Employment Opportunities in Europe

Despite the crisis, the market for electrical and electronic equipment has continued to expand. As innovation cycles and/or obsolescence become shorter, their replacement is accelerating, turning these devices in a source of waste. Within the European Union WEEEs are one of the wastes that have experienced higher growth in recent years. According to data from […]

Best Practices on WEEE – Spain

In some Countries, like Spain, recycling and recovery of electrical and electronic equipment is closely related to the social economy. Associations and organizations in this field, are putting up some of the most interesting initiatives in our country, is the case of Re-Enchufa Project promoted by AERESS (Spanish Association of Social Economy and Solidarity). The […]

Best Practices on WEEE – Greece

The recycling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is particularly important not so much for material recovery but mainly for the management of hazardous materials contained in most devices. European legislation requires the recycling of WEEE in certified plants where materials such as copper, gold, silver etc are recovered and the leakage of […]

Best Practices Sui RAEE in Italia

The rising number of tech tools raised also the quantity of electronics trash, creating a big problem for the gathering, revitalizing and recycling of them. Every Italian produces an average of 14.7 kg of RAEE per year; only 30% of the items are correctly gathered and sent to the recovery. RAEE garbage that Italians usually […]