Good Practices for the Management and Implementation of adapted FabLabs in the Reuse of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

The present Guide of “Good Practices for the management and implementation of adapted FabLabs in the reuse of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEELABS)” is the third Intellectual Output produced in the frame of the project WEEELABS (Ref. 2015-1-ES02-KA205-006022), funded by the Erasmus Plus Program. It was written by Mine Vaganti NGO, one of the Italian partner of the project, in collaboration with the other members of the Consortium.
This guide presents 22 projects and has the objective of providing the readers with a wide range of good practices at European level regarding the recycle, recovery and reuse of WEEE. It represents a worthy selection of the numerous successful initiatives on the management of WEEE (raise awareness campaigns, social projects, development of policies and actions, etc.). These good practices represent innovative approaches of the WEEE problem, to be considered resources rather than a problem (e.g. creation of job opportunities and new forms of business).


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