GROUP EMAÚS FUNDACIÓN SOCIAL it’s a secular NGO with social character. Emaús belongs to Emaús International. Emaús is an organization with over 30 years of experience in Spain, working already in País Vasco, Asturias and Galicia.

Its mission is to promote and accompany transformation processes, individual or collective, in the social, economic and environmental fields.

The organization is committed to improving and empowering the living conditions of people with risk of exclusion.

Emaús work with social innovation.

To achieve its objectives develops: Programs for social inclusion, Awareness projects and education for sustainability Solidarity economy enterprises Emaús works for social and environmental recycling. Emaús works for the “upcycling” social and environmental.

Contact Person

Virginia Romero Sobral & Juncal Blanco








Ronda de Don Bosco, nº 9, interior bajo, 36202, Vigo, Spain
Region: Galicia

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