“United Societies of Balkans” is a Non Governmental Organization, founded in Thessaloniki in 2008 by a team of active young people, socially sensitized, and with rich experience around voluntary programs.

Their vision was the promotion of youth mobility, youth involvement in volunteering and their further sensitizing around social issues. Main goals of the organization:

To promote the values of non- formal learning, volunteering, active citizenship and democracy for the creation of a better future for European youth; To promote human rights, solidarity and respect for diversity; To involve with minorities and immigrants; To build healthy cooperation bridges between countries of the Balkan area and that of Eastern Europe with the rest of Europe; To locate and multiply the special cultural attributes of our societies and break down of prejudices and stereotypes between Balkan countries.

Contact Person

Yannis Tsilsou


+30 2310215629




Alamanas 9, Agios Pavlos, 55438 Thessaloniki, Greece
Region: Κεντρική Μακεδονία (Kentriki Makedonia)

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